Ready for some original music that is a little heavy on horns? 

Buy our album, Dysfunktion at  See the link below.  Or, stream it on any of your favorite streaming services or hear it on Youtube. 

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The Freier Department is: 

Chris Olson Guitar 

Bill Chouinard Bass 

Ted Godbout Keyboards 

David Schmalenberger Drums 

Rich Manik Saxophones 

Sten Johnson Trumpet 

Ethan Freier Trombone and compositions 

And special guest vocalist Camille Gross

The Freier Department is made up of some of my favorite players from the twin cities music scene.   The band plays original songs that I've written, or new arrangements that I've written of some of my favorite songs.  We play instrumental rock, funk, soul, salsa, blues, and jazz, with the emphasis always being on "how much fun can we have?"

Adam Rossmiller on Trumpet, Rich Manik on Saxophone, David Schmalenberger on Drums, Chris Olson on Guitar, Jordan Hedlund on Keyboards, and Dik Hedlund on Bass. 


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